45th COSPAR Scientific Assembly 2024

Dear colleagues,


We would like to encourage you to attend the 45th COSPAR Scientific Assembly in Busan, Korea, July 13 – 21. COSPAR 2024 will bring together approximately 3000 scientists and engineers from the all over the world to present the latest results in 153 symposia covering all areas of space science from space life sciences to space exploration and offering also interesting opportunities for students and young scientists to get a general overview about space research and to start networking.


The sessions of the COSPAR Commission F: Life sciences as related to space cover the following topics: 

  1. International Life Support Panel
  2. Gravity Perception and Response in Plants and Fungi: Ground and Space Studies
  3. Space Microgravity Environment Utilization
  4. Biological Effects of Space Radiation and Co-stressors
  5. Enabling Human Space Exploration through Research on Risks and Countermeasures to Space Radiation Exposure
  6. Space Radiations: Dosimetric Measurements and Related Models and Detector Developments
  7. Genetic Epigenetic and Metabolic Changes in Spaceflight and Simulated Spaceflight
  8. Impact of Spaceflight Stressors on Neural Network Functionality
  9. Chemical Complexity of Molecular Universe
  10. Astrobiology and Exploration
  11. Natural and Laboratory Analogues for Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration
  12. Interstellar Organic Molecules in the Age of JWST and ALMA
  13. Advances in Life Support Technologies and Test Bed Facilities
  14. Influence of Spaceflight Environments on Biological Systems
  15. Space Food and Nutrition
  16. Molecular, Cellular and Physiological Changes in Response to Spaceflight and Ground-based Analogues
  17. Exploring the Space Exposome and Approaches for Cumulative Risk Assessment of Spaceflight-Associated Human Health Risks


The COSPAR Panel on Planetary Protection organises the sessions:


  1. Planetary Protection Policy
  2. Planetary Protection Mission Implementation and Status
  3. Planetary Protection Research and Development


Astrobiology in general and the scientific and technical aspects of astrobiological research in space and on Earth will be discussed in different sessions (e.g. also in the Commission B sessions).

Abstract deadline:  9 February 2024
Early registration deadline:  3 May 2024


More details can be found here:

  1. Scientific program and abstract submission
  2. Registration, accommodation and general information   
  3. Program for distinguished interdisciplinary lectures

Please forward this message to colleagues who may be interested in submitting an abstract.

We look forward to your participation in the 2024 COSPAR Scientific Assembly.