Working group „Ocean worlds and icy moons“

The working group "Ocean Worlds and Icy Moons" is dedicated to the habitability and the search for life on the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn as well as possible other ocean worlds in the solar system and beyond. Knowledge about the icy moons as well as the terrestrial oceans as analog habitats is exchanged both "online" and in "face to face" meetings.

The aims of the working group are:

1) To be able to correctly classify observations of the icy moons (geysers, cryosphere, ocean, gases, organics? )

2) To gain insights into the formation and stability of the icy worlds around the gas giantsTo clarify the question of the habitability of the icy moons

3) To consider possible mission scenarios to the icy moons and possibly back (sample return)To clarify the question of life and possible strategies for detecting life on and in the icy worlds

4) To deal with the question of how the work can be communicated to the general public in an understandable way (digital, print and other media...).

Speaker of the working group: 

Ko-Sprecher: Dr. Fabian Klenner (