DAbG - Goals


In the German-speaking part of Europe, numerous universities and instututes are engaged in research and teaching in the field on astrobiology. The German Astrobiological Society (Deutsche Astrobiologische Gesellschaft e. V., DAbG) serves as a common platform for all scientists involved in these activities and provides an increased international visibility for the progress in astrobiology within Germany and other German-speaking countries. This includes in particular: 

  • Promotion of research, teaching and education in the field of astrobiology
  • Promotion and maintenance of the scientific exchange of information between people working in the field of astrobiology from German-speaking countries and German-speaking people abroad
  • Collaboration with international organizations working in the field of astrobiology, in particular with the European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA)
  • Promotion of scientific cooperation in the field of astrobiology, especially at universities and other research institutions
  • Promotion of university teaching in the field of astrobiology
  • Promotion of young scientists in related fields
  • Promotion of astrobiological publications and information in the German-speaking world
  • Popularization of astrobiology in the German-speaking public